MS Summer school

About 25 MS local group leaders and volunteers learn more about Romanian MS Movement

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In more than 20 years of activity, Romanian MS movement initiate important MS local groups and organizations that grow nowadays under Romanian MS Association umbrella, trying to serve MS people as much as possible and inspire solidarity and mutual support.

Considering that in just two years 7 new MS local groups was establish by national organization in different towns and also considering the old MS local organization interest for movement update about volunteering, management, communication, fundraising, networking and commune movement spirit, Romanian MS Association (ASMR) organize MS Summer School in Busteni, Romania, between 18th and 20th of August.

Using nonformal and open space educational methods, The MS Summer School 2017 proposed the following workshops:

  • Romanian MS Movement history
  • Romanian MS Association nowadays (constitution, rules, tools and resources)
  • Romanian MS Association tomorrow (weakest point/solution; opportunities/development directions)

The MS Summer School expected results are:

  • Growing the national movement solidarity spirit among local MS leaders;
  • MS local leaders updated to MS movement information and resources;
  • Romanian MS Movement Constitution progress by new updates proposals.

The MS Summer School outcomes:

  • Constitution update working group, that will prepare the September ASMR Congress;
  • Communication working group;
  • MS Patient’s Organization Ethic Code workshop;
  • ASMR Working Plan 2018 (Patients Agenda 2018);
  • Starting national fundraising project.

Context of “The MS Summer School 2017”:

More than 90% of local MS local groups and organization, about 30 groups and groups, was initiated by Romanian MS Movement (that change the name 5 times, from ASPR in 1994 to UNFSMR, UNOMS, SSMR and ASMR nowadays, in 20 years of movement history, as part of its development process). ASMR is today the last development result of strategic project implemented by the support of UK MS Society in 2006. Since 2013 ASMR start MS Bike Relay (Ștafeta Ciclistă SM), a project that try to bind national solidarity and MS National Movement togetherness investing a lot in local events development and new MS local groups initiation. For all this support, the national MS groups network need constant support for training, information, resources  and support that keep the ASMR as umbrella platform for local MS groups and organizations.

See also the results of MS Bike Relay 2017, Word MS Day awareness and solidarity campaigned that  involved more than 1000 people. Click hire for details